We all need leafy greens but there's a high chance you're not eating enough. Green superfoods such as organic Green Barley are the answer. Our Green Barley is organically grown in rich volcanic soils in a pristine, unpolluted region of South-Eastern Australia. The Green Barley shoots are harvested at their nutritional peak and processed directly after harvest to prevent nutritient loss. The Green Barley is ground to an easy to digest, gluten-free microfine powder using a unique, air-based method. This patent pending technique avoids heating the Green Barley, preserving nutrients and enzymes. Our Green Foods do not have added sugars, emulsifyers or fillers of any kind. Our Green Barley is a true wholefood, not a juice confection like many other lower quality green food products.


Organic Green Foods - Product Information & FAQ


About Our Green Foods - green barley, wheat grass & alfalfa powders

Our crops are grown naturally and chemical free. We use only the best quality leaf and our manufacture is continually monitored and independent laboratory tested to ensure a premium, pure product.

Our manufacturing process avoids subjecting the leaf to the stress of juice extraction and subsequent loss of natural fibre, ensuring the natural goodness is concentrated into a 100% pure, rich, green and fresh flavoured product that gives you the vegetable nutrition you require in a convenient, ready to use form.

Our green barley & wheatgrass are natural food products, made entirely from leaf harvested at its grass-like growth stage, just before the stalk and head develop and when the nutritional value of the plant is at its peak potency. Dried at low temperature to avoid denaturing heat sensitive components, a special cold process is then used to create our unique powder that readily disperses in liquids for rapid utilization by the body.


Organic Green Foods FAQ


What does chemical free mean?
Our chemical free products are grown and processed without the addition of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, colouring or any other chemical additives that would not normally be found in a pure, natural product. Laboratory tests are also used to ensure that no chemical contaminants are present in the oil, sir, water or raw materials used in growing and manufacturing our products.

What enzymes are found in green food powders?
Cereal grasses are believed to contain several thousand enzymes, but only a few have been identified. The enzymes found in young barley leaf include amino transferase, asparte, catalase, cytochrome oxidase, fatty acid oxidase, lipoxygenase, nitrogen oxyreductase, peroxidase, superoxide distmutase and transhydrogenase.

How can leaf be dried without destroying its goodness?
We use a specially developed low temperature process that avoids heating the leaf above 50ºC. When dry, the leaf is milled into its powder form using an air-based system that avoids the high temperatures generated by conventional grinding methods.

What is the difference between whole leaf powder and juice powder?
Whole leaf powder is made from the entire young leaf, without subjecting it to the stress of juice extraction, which not only requires the product to be chemically modified, but also removes the beneficial natural plant fibre.

Is there any difference between Barley, Wheat and Alfalfa powder?
Nutritionally, there is very little difference between barley and wheat leaves, although wheat leaf powder will generally be lighter in colour and taste sweeter. Alfalfa is a legume, whereas barley and wheat are cereal grasses, so Alfalfa, while having similar macronutrients, has a different balance of other components such as amino acids and trace elements.

How long will the leaf powder keep?
Like many dehydrated products, our leaf powders, if properly stored, will not go "off" and potentially may keep indefinitely. However, a few nutritional compounds such as carotenes, lipids and certain vitamins, such as Vit C, will lose their potency over time, so a maximum shelf life of two years is recommended.

How much and how often should I take green food powders?
These products are a pure natural food so there is no hard and fast rule on how much you should consume. The rich, concentrated form means that you should only use a small quantity at first, say 1 to 2 teaspoons daily - then adjust according to your needs.