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How should organic green foods be taken?
Organic green barley or wheat grass powders may be mixed with water or your favorite fruit juice, sprinkled on cereal or eaten straight off a spoon. You'll notice that our organic green foods settle out if left for a few minutes after mixing - this is a sign of purity.  Many other green food products are confections, containing added emulsifyiers, sugars and preservatives. For more information please click here.

How much Green Barley or Wheat Grass should I take?
We recommend starting with half a teaspoon twice daily and increasing gradually to 2 or more teaspoons twice daily over a two week period. This will minimize any detoxification symptoms you may experience when you first upgrade your nutritional status. If you do experience any mild headaches, nausea or pimples, simply reduce your intake for a few days, then increase gradually again. You will eventually work out for yourself the best amount to take, based on results. Some people may take 2-4 teaspoons per day, while others may benefit from taking up to 10 or even 12 teaspoons of organic green foods per day.

Which is better - Green Barley or Wheat Grass?
These two green foods have a very similar nutritional profile. To put it simply, the quality of soils and other growing conditions play a larger role in nutrient content levels than the variety of shoots when comparing green barley to wheat grass.

How can I order Green Barley Grass Powder and other Green Foods?
Please use or secure online store to order or ask a question if you have further ordering/delivery queries.


  • About us

    Our green foods are sourced from organic growers from pristine, unpolluted regions of New Zealand and South-Eastern Australia. Under full sun, root systems extend metres into the rich volcanic soils, supplying nutrients to the young plants. Shoots are harvested at their nutritional peak then dried at body temperature within an hour of harvest to prevent nutrient loss. The Green Barley and Wheat Grass is then ground to a microfine powder, enabling all nutrients to be accessed... read more...

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  • SAFE Organic Green Foods

    Our crops are grown naturally and chemical free. We use only the best quality leaf and our manufacture is continually monitored and independent laboratory tested to ensure a premium, pure product.

    Our manufacturing process avoids subjecting the leaf to the stress of juice extraction and subsequent loss of natural fibre, ensuring the natural goodness is concentrated into a 100% pure, rich, green and fresh flavoured product that gives you the vegetable nutrition you require in a convenient, ready to use form... read more..

  • World's Finest Green Barley

    The green food powders are made from fresh, young shoots organically grown in Australia and New Zealand in some of the richest volcanic soils in the world.  The range includes Green Barley Powder, Wheat Grass Powder and Alfalfa Powder. These tender shoots are harvested at a height of 20cm, when they have reached their nutritional peak.  They are then processed by slowly drying at body temperature and milled into a fine soluble powder, thereby retaining valuable nutritional properties...  read more...

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