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Latest news and articles on health, nutrition, green superfoods, raw foods and organic products.

Brussels sprouts - nutrition powerhouses!
( Brussels sprouts deserve to be featured on dinner plates more often than they usually are. The unfortunate fate of many Brussels sprouts is overcooking, which is why so many people have unpleasant childhood memories of a nasty, sulfurous odour emanating from the stove. That smell is glucosinolate sinigrin, an organic compound containing sulfur that is released when Brussels sprouts become too soft. (You’ve got to respect a vegetable that has built-in protection against overco..
24 Ways to Add Leafy Greens to Your Favorite Comfort Foods (babb
It’s January and it seems like everyone has healthy eating on their minds. Green smoothies are all the rage. Kale has taken over the food world. Have you jumped on board yet? It can be a little intimidating to know where to get started or to know all the ways to add leafy greens to your diet. For a long time I was leery of adding greens into my meals simply because I was afraid I wouldn’t like the taste. That’s where comfort foods come to the rescue! Why not start with adding leafy greens to you..
Day on a plate for five super-fit Aussies (
by Kristin Shorten WHEN it comes to diet - one size definitely doesn't fit all. What works for one person, won't suit everyone.  While it seems the perfect diet doesn't exist, some of us still eat better than others. So we asked five nutrition-savvy Aussies to let us peek onto their plates this week. While a controversial type of almond is noticeably absent, these diets feature some other interesting ingredients. Here's how their food went down. MELISSA AMBROSINI, 27, Self-..
There's Life After Kale, And These 10 Leafy Greens Can Prove It
By Rebecca Orchant (Huffington Post) Gosh, kale, right? This leafy green really skyrocketed into super-stardom over the last few years, to the point where some people need to ask whether or not it's time we cool it a little. Do you hear that guys? You're smothering kale. From kale salads to kale chips to kale juice, kale really seems to be everyone's leafy green of choice. We don't mean to be alarmists, but what if, when we woke up tomorrow, there was no more kale left on earth? If your pu..
Fewer Than Five Servings Of Fruits Or Vegetables Daily May Kill
Fewer Than Five Servings Of Fruits Or Vegetables Daily May Kill You:  How Many Should You Be Eating? By Anoopa Singh ( New research indicates that those who eat their fruits and vegetables live longer than those who do not. "Eat your fruits and vegetables!" is a phrase we've all heard — from the very beginnings of our childhood. But as we get older, integrating these nutritious staples into our fast-paced lives becomes difficult. A new study indicates that we shou..
Stanford: Kids Eat More Vegetables After Nutrition Lessons
by Brooke Donald ( Stanford scholars created food-themed storybooks that taught preschoolers about nutrients, the importance of eating different foods and how food fuels the body. Stanford researchers have come up with a new way to get picky preschoolers to eat more vegetables. Psychologists Sarah Gripshover and Ellen Markman found that teaching children the importance of healthy foods and why their bodies need a variety of foods drives kids to voluntarily eat mor..
Scientists fool veggies into being more nutritious
Plants ramp up anti-cancer compounds at certain times of day to keep insects at bay. Researchers have found they can boost levels of nutritious, cancer-fighting compounds in vegetables such as cabbage by fooling the vegetables into thinking it's a certain time of day.   Janet Braam, a biologist at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and her colleagues discovered in 2012 that Arabidopsis thaliana, a plant related to cabbages and broccoli, uses its internal biological clock or "circadian ..
Study Shows Subtle Health Effects of Vegetables
( ZEIST, Netherlands—TNO researchers demonstrated the subtle health effects of vegetables for the first time, according to a new study published in the journal Genes and Nutrition. The findings support the Dutch Health Council’s recommendation to consume 150-200 grams vegetables per day. Researchers used an innovative nutrigenomics-approach that enables accurate assessment of the subtle health effects of foods. To evaluate this method, TNO conducted an intervention st..
Vegetables and Breast Cancer Risk
By Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN Washington, D.C. - infoZine - American Institute for Cancer Research - Q: Do vegetables help reduce risk of breast cancer?   A: Eating more vegetables (and fruits) may work in several ways as part of an overall healthy eating pattern and lifestyle to reduce breast cancer risk. Excess body fat does increase risk for post-menopausal breast cancer, so substituting low-calorie vegetables and fruits for foods high in calories can help because research strongly ..
Beetroot lowers blood pressure
Drinking a cup of beetroot juice can lower blood pressure, researchers say. By: Drinking 250ml (8oz) cut high blood pressure readings by 10mm of mercury (mmHg) in a study of 15 patients, bringing some into the normal range, the journal Hypertension reports. Most marked after three to six hours, the effect was detectable a day later. Scientists say the nitrate in beetroot widens blood vessels to aid flow. And many people with angina use a nitrate drug to ease their sym..
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